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A Few Clash Of Clans Hack Tool Tips That Newbies Should Learn…

Looking for ways to improve you game?  Included below are a few Clash of Clans hack APK tips that you will want to keep in mind.  Regardless of your skill level, these tips will help you to more carefully plan your strategy towards the game, improving your overall play and making you a more formidable opponent.  Best of all, none of these tips involve spending your hard earned cash!  With that in mind, let’s get started!

Patience Is A Virtue…

Clash of Clans is free-to-play and based on a Freemium model.  Because real life cash can be used to provide an advantage, understand that a lot of the game will be spent waiting for you to build up the required currency necessary to build what you need.  Do not rush timers unless it is absolutely necessary.  Let things take their time, save your resources, and plan purchases very carefully. 

It is possible to never spend a cent on this game while being a formidable opponent.  However, it will require a lot of careful planning on your part.  One thing that many people do is to play other games while they are waiting.  Find other ways to entertain yourself and remember that in Clash of Clans, patience truly is a virtue.

Be Offensive!

Many beginner players suffer from not being offense in their strategy.  One of the best Clash of Clans hack online tips is that being offense can help you quickly grow your base.  Prioritize barracks construction and upgrading your troops.  Queue your troops and utilize the queue system as a means of free elixir storage through the queue.  This can help you dramatically if you are attacked early on.  Be offense, choose your targets carefully, and rack in the rewards. 

Understand The Shield…

Simply put, being attacked by another player sucks.  They may have significantly more resources than you, and nearly completely wipe you out.  The thing that you should remember is that any smart player will only target you if they can make back their investment.  Any dumb player will attack you only to win.  Typically, the dumb players are easier to defeat with proper defenses. 

With that in mind, understand the importance of the shield.  The shield is purchasable in game if you want to stop people from attacking you.  In addition, if your base suffers at least 40% destruction, then you will be granted a free 12-hour shield that you can use to build back your forces.  Understand also that 90% destruction will give you 4+ hours on top of the 12-hour buffer you are given.  Attacking other people will remove the shield, while participating in Clan Wars will not.

Compartmentalization And Walls…

While Supercell has done a lot to balance the effectiveness of walls, they still remain the best form of defense.  Simply put, compartmentalize your base.  Every time a wall is breached, only a certain amount of your base will become exposed.  Through placing everything in its own protective bubble, you far reduce the risk of having a major breach destroy your base.

Earn Back What You Spend In Combat…

One of the biggest mistakes people will make is attacking a target that will not yield the amount of resources spent in assaulting.  This can go two ways.  First, you can accidently choose a target with a town hall that is far below your own and as a result get not enough resources to cover your costs.  Second, you can attack a target either at your level or beyond, and fail to do any damage or make any resources from the assault. 

Either way, even if you win the battle, you can consider it an economic failure.  Don’t cripple yourself in this way.  Instead, carefully choose your target when you go on the offensive.  Understand the mechanics of every unit and design bases that work in your favor and against the automated nature of your troops.  When looking for bases, beware of funneling traps and other wall and defense setups that quickly cripple your troops. 

Don’t Shy Away From Team Play…

Simply put, don’t shy away from the group play and socializing that comes with Clash of Clans.  While it may be awesome to build up your defenses and create a powerful base on your own, the game becomes far more rewarding when you tie in elements of group play.  Dynamics like working together, donating troops to the cause and creating cohesive fighting forces is the best way to take your game to he next level and get everything possible from this game. 

In addition, it can lead to some of the best moments in the game as well.  Just remember, working as a group means donating towards the group.  Be sure to give at least as much as you take and make yourself an invaluable member of the clan.

Thanks for reading and we hope these Clash Of Clans hack online tips help you take your gaming to another level.

clash of clans hack no survey